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May Favourites

So the month of May has come to an end, and this month I actually had a few items that I’d been loving, so I’ve put them together in this little video for you! 
I really can’t believe it’s June tomorrow, and the weather here is still rainy and dull – as usual, bring us some sunshine!

May has been a lovely month! I’ve kind of officially finished college, the final hand-in date is the 15th of June, I can’t wait! I’ve been working loads so I’ve been reigning in the cash, and thats all you work for if you’re not completely in love with your job. I went to Slam Dunk earlier in the month. I hadn’t been since I was 16! I’m 22 and it was my first time drinking there, the sun was shining and all the bands sounded great, not so great listening back to the recordings but hey-ho! I had a good boogie and I just wish there were more times like that!

I’ll leave it there with my rambling! I think I’ll have another post up tomorrow, but for now I’ll leave you with my video…


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