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What I Got For My 22nd Birthday!

Hey reader!
So the time has come where I’ve reached all the exciting ages (I’m now 22), but I’m not dwelling on it! Now is my time to grow up! Not necessarily move out, get married and start a family stuff (I’ve already planned that for my late 20’s) but now is my chance to explore. I’m nearly at the stage of driving, this is my last year of education, and I’m feeling positive about the future! I have big plans for my blog, my YouTube, tying them into one… I don’t want to spill too many beans just in case something happens so I’ll leave it there!

The birthday started off by me and my mum getting up at about half 10, my dad was at work, and I was sat watching YouTube videos on my phone, so we had a powercut, and I freaked! How dare power ruin my day! Anyway me and my mum got up, she made us a coffee, and off we went to take the dog out!

So as it was my birthday, I got lots of goodies from my mum and my boyfriend (going to pretend my dad is also my mum because he never has a clue what ‘they’ have got me). I thought I’d talk about my presents on my blog!
First off is this adorable little white handbag that i spotted in Debenhams! 
This is definitely a new favourite of mine! I take it everywhere with me, apart from work because I dont want to get it dirty! It is so dainty and classy I love it! It has 3 compartments and 2 which have zips, the middle one I use just for lip balm and such, as a little pocket, but I will always love this bag!

Next up is the gorgeous hat featured in the top picture! It’s just a simplistic floppy hat from warehouse, and this one has surprised me! If you know me IRL you’ll know I have a tiny head, one that does not tend to suit hats, so when I saw this, I thought ‘oh shit, this is going to be awful’ and then I tried it on! I’ve never been happier that this british weather is improving because this means I can FINALLY wear stuff like this and I actually feel stylish this year, more than ever!

So the next presents are just some knickers, which I haven’t had the pleasure in wearing yet, but I can’t wait to do so! They’re like lace womens boxers which just feels like heaven to me. The only down side is that they’re Jack Will’s, and to be honest, I’m not feeling that brand at all, I’ve always frowned upon it, but I guess I’ll learn to love it just this once!

So next up is this maxi dress I’ve been loving way before my birthday! I saw this dress in New Look, Meadowhall about a month ago but I was having a womanly hormonal breakdown so I missed out on buying it! But I searched and searched until I finally found it (ironically with my mum) and she got me it for my birthday! I can’t wait to wear it, I just need some appropriate shoes! (apologies for the screenshot pictures!)

So I recently (very recently) told my boyfriend I had longed for some lilac vans for a long long time, and he told me they had sold out, as you can imagine I was heartbroken! But he fixed my aching heart when he magically found a pair for my birthday present! I absolutely love them and again, I can’t wait to find an appropriate time to wear them! Maybe my holiday to Portugal on the 26th!

Next up is this dress that my lovely handsome man picked out for me from Asos! When he gave it to me he said ‘I was looking and I found this and thought you’d look nice in it so I bought it’. My heart melted before I’d even opened it, and it melted even more when I saw it and loved it! The man has good taste I’m telling you! 

Here is another absolute beauty he got me! He’s always buying me little charms for the Pandora bracelet he got me way back last year when we first started falling in love, and I absolutely LOVE this one! He knows I love film, photography, making little montages of things, and talking to cameras of course, and this is the type of charm I was wishing he would get me, but I never thought he would because I know he doesn’t like my YouTube, but he surprised me! I’m so thankful, and I’m so in love with it!

And finally here is a dress I picked out for myself which he got me, I’ve wanted a plain white dress for ages, and this has one down fall but it can be fixed. It has the unfortunate downside of being very see through so you have to make sure you wear skin coloured underwear with this, and unfortunately for me, the underwear I have (the only ones) is too small for me, so it makes me look really frumpy but I’m gonna invest in some new ones just so I can wear this because apart from that, I LOVE IT! 

And thats a wrap! Thank you so much for taking your time to read this blog! Please stay tuned because I shall soon be talking about my recent spring shopping spree!
In the meantime feel free to check out the video I made on this blog post, a while ago, the original!
Lots of love, Emma xxx

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