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March Favourites!

So I’ve just made a video on this via my YouTube channel, so I thought ‘what a perfect chance to write about my favourites on my blog!’ So here we are! Here are a few of the favourites I’ve been loving this month, I’ll definitely be doing this next month as it’s my birthday next week! 

Soap & Glory

Drama Clean – £6.00
This product I’ve actually been having a love/hate relationship with, but it is brilliant as a makeup remover and it’s really refreshing on your skin. The cucumber and peach scent is one you really have to train your nose to like because the cucumber is quite overpowering. Thats my personal opinion anyway! 
I enjoy using this on a morning and night just to clear up any bacteria or and makeup. Following this i’ll then use my Nivea Soft face and hand cream. That is my real love! I never really used to wear moisturiser before this year (don’t kill me i’m using it now),  and I dont really want to change it to be honest! It makes me happy and it makes my skin soft and happy. I’d put it in this post but i’ve been using it ages so giving it a little mention is good enough.

Soap & Glory
I love this eyeliner! I previously used Barry M’s wink and it dried out about a month into using it so I just assumed all eyeliner pens were like this. Then about a year later i purchased this and I’ve been converted! When it’s done I’m gonna purchase another! The colour is very pigmented and it is really fast drying. The Barry M one is only really pigmented at the beginning and it doesn’t like going over eyeshadow (this one doesn’t mind it) and it takes forever to dry! Which means it tends to transfer when you open your eyes.

Bourjois – Rouge Edition – Velvet 
08 Grand Cru – £8.99

I don’t have a bad word to say about this product other than it’s very liquidy when you first put it on and you’ve got to focus on spreading it out but when it’s dried it’s really creamy on your lips and it gives a lovely matte effect, and for me who had an addiction to biting my lips for years and years, when I wear this, you can barely tell my lips are damaged at all! I tend to particularly love matte products and I always try buying them when I’m browsing the lipstick area, but I’m also very picky with the colours I like! So Bourjois better feel good that i’d picked this one 😉

The Glam Guide
Fleur De Force – £7.49

Now, I’m not usually the type to be into books, but this is an exception, mainly for the fact that it’s by one of my favourite YouTubers, but also because it’s like a little dictionary for beauty and fashion lovers, with a little bit extra! You can just flick to a bit of your body you’re struggling with at that time, and nine times out of ten, Fleur will have tips on how to fix your problems! I think it’s a lot friendlier than going online and looking, where you’ll get confused because theres so many different opinions! With Fleur being the lovely role model she is, for me too… even though there aren’t many years between us, why not go to her for her thoughts. The book itself is also filled with lots of attractive photography and artwork. At the back you can find tips on how to be a YouTuber, which I myself find very helpful, even though I haven’t got round to buying a new camera yet (the tip that stands out). If you love fleur then you will absolutely love her book, her personality shines through and it’s just lovely to glance at every now and again!

Salted Caramel 

This is a bit of an odd post, I know. But a little bit ago, i got given a bar of this as a little treat from my mum and at first I wasn’t too keen, but i have it a few seconds in my mouth and I instantly wanted more! The salt in the caramel just gives it a little kick and it tastes really different to caramel. Also, Galaxy is my favourite so that makes it better! The salt also gives the chocolate a bit of a savoury twist, and I’m more of a savoury girl so that definitely gets a thumbs up from me!

Grey Checklist Coffee Sweater
New Look – £14.99

Wow… Wow… Wow! I absolutely love this jumper! I try keep it as long as I can without washing it (sorry!) because i just love it! It is SO comfy and I love the look of it. It’s like a slouchy jumper with a nice appearance. You know when you steal your boyfriends hoodie and you just melt? Just buy this and I suppose you could steal your boyfriends scent… you’ve got it on point! No more complaining from your other half! I’m almost

Black Floral Print Playsuit
New Look – £17.99
Firstly, I dont know why this says black, it’s clearly orange, but obviously New Look is colour blind… This is absolutely going to be my favourite spring item! I can’t wait to wear it, we just need the weather to cooperate! I can imagine going for a stroll in this in the sunshine, maybe finding a little river to sit and have a picnic with my pooch and the boyfriend. It’s gonna be absolute bliss!
When I saw this in the shop I fell in love! I raced over after seeing it on the manequin and was a bit gutted that the closest size to mine was a 6… so I got it anyway, only to find out the following week, that they had more stock delivered! I should of just asked I know but it will have to do now, I’ve thrown the tag away! It only means I will have to keep my shoulders up right because it’s impossible to move in this size.
Neppy Joggers
Topshop – £25.00

Again with the jumper, I never want to wash these! I actually want to go out in them because they may be joggers, but they make me feel so good and relaxed and pretty when I wear them. The black is so strong and the little white dots just add a bit of quirkyness to them. I love them so much, they definitely replace my pyjamas. I’m thinking about throwing all my PJ’s out because I never wear them, I just sleep in my underwear or an oversized tee, then when i get up I wear these! I’m not happy about the price I must admit, if it was cheaper I would definitely go and buy another pair, but sales will appear eventually won’t they!


Better Call Saul

If you love breaking bad (RIP) you will LOVE this prequel! I think they should have named it ‘The Saul and Mike Show’ or something, because Mike is in it half as much as Saul is. Also, if you’re a bit weary about it & you’ve seen breaking bad, ill tell you about it… it’s about the career life of Saul Goodman, it starts off as his old name, James McGill, but we havent got to the bit where he changed it yet! But the story just goes through a lot of his cases, and then switches to Mikes dodgy dealings.

The Returned

I only discovered this show a couple of weeks ago but me and my boyfriend have caught up already, so we have to wait until next week to see the next show! Netflix you are so mean! This show is about a school bus that went on a trip, but on the way the bus had to swerve to avoid hitting a young boy in the middle of the road and they went over a cliff. Four years later the victims return to their family casually and they all have to find a way round living, especially when they come across people who assume them to be dead! The boy returns, but it hasn’t revealed who he is yet! It is a show that you can easily get hooked on if you’re into like ‘investigation’ type movies. Love it.

(TV) Impractical Jokers

This hilarious show is a prank show! Apparently they do a UK version but i’ve only seen it on YouTube. It is a real life show where 4 life long best friends humiliate each other in the most creative way possible, ensuring the majority is quite dirty and embarrassing for the person who is undergoing a prank. In some cases they hire out cashier desk of shops, restaurants, or bars to fool customers into answering their disturbingly set-up questions! Definitely worth a watch!
Thanks for reading this post! All views are my own, nothing is sponsored… if you feel generous please go and watch my video, and if you’re feeling more generous please let me know what you think! Make sure you let me know you’ve come from this so I know where my viewers come from!
Much love, Emma xxxx

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