Believe it or not, I actually started this before the UK went on Lockdown. After sharing this on YouTube, I thought I’d leave it here too! Here are 10 things you can do whilst you’re quarantined, no matter where you are!

1. Learn a New Language

Have you often thought about learning a language but you’re not quite sure where to start? Locked down in quarantine… there’s no better way! Although, it might leave you wishing you were on holiday.

2. Start a Blog

Need I say more, really? Not only is blog freedom of speech, but it’s also the opportunity to be anonymous, creative, and clever all in one! The world is your oyster when it comes to blogging. Lockdown is a great way to start one to keep occupied.

3. Spring Cleaning

Feel free to blast out ‘I want to break free’, crack out the Gin, because the weather has been bloody glorious… am I right?!

4. Netflix Party

Or Disney Plus? Take your pick! Hit up the team and chow down on your popcorn.

5. At Home Fitness

Time to get your guns out, because baby you were born this way. Can you tell I’m writing this at 10 to 1 in the morning? I can!


6. Board Games

Why not whack out a good old traditional board game for yourself and the people you’re isolating in lockdown with?! Be it your family or friends – you can’t go wrong really!

7. Document your Experience

My choice is a vlog. Yours could be a diary or anything you choose. It’s great to look back on the experience to see what you got up to!

8. Jigsaw Puzzles

If you asked 5-year-old Emma what she’d do in this situation, honestly, it would be the same!

9. Do An Online Course

My favourite place to find FREE online courses is FutureLearn. You may as well do something worthwhile and productive… right?!


10. Support Your Local Businesses!

Out of all the times they need you, the time is now. Local independent businesses are in a really vulnerable position at the moment. In the video I made I said how I’d love to produce reviews for my local businesses. My blogging friend Lucy over at Life of Luce has actually started the #BloggersHelpSmallBiz campaign!

Watch the video:

Got any more ideas, leave them below!

So, that’s all the ideas I have for my ‘life in isolation’. I really hope the powers find a cure soon, it’s heartbreaking to see everything crumble around us and there’s nothing we can do about it apart from staying put. Stay safe people – and for god’s sake… STAY AT HOME!

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